• New engagement opportunity: serving on the Panel for Educational Policy (PEP)

    Hello P.S. 116 Parents,
    Here is a new engagement opportunity: serving on the Panel for Educational Policy (PEP). Completed applications must be emailed to by November 15, 2022. Candidates must have at least one child currently attending a public, non-charter school in NYC; in addition, they must reside in the borough they seek to represent. 

    The PEP's membership will expand to 23 members in 2023: 13 mayoral appointees, 5 Borough President appointees, and 5 parents (one per borough).  These 5 parents will be elected by the CEC presidents by December 20 and serve a term that begins on January 15 and ends on June 30, 2023. 

    Applications can also be found on the DOE website

    Hola P.S. 116 padres,
    Aquí hay una nueva oportunidad de participación: servir en el Panel de Política Educativa (PEP). Las solicitudes completadas deben enviarse por correo electrónico a antes del 15 de noviembre de 2022. Los candidatos deben tener al menos un hijo que asista actualmente a una escuela pública no charter en Nueva York; Además, deben residir en el municipio que pretenden representar.
    La membresía del PEP se ampliará a 23 miembros en 2023: 13 designados por el alcalde, 5 designados por el presidente del condado y 5 padres (uno por condado).  Estos 5 padres serán elegidos por los presidentes de la CCA antes del 20 de diciembre y cumplirán un mandato que comienza el 15 de enero y termina el 30 de junio de 2023.

    Las solicitudes también se pueden encontrar en el sitio web del DOE
    你好 附言 116 家长,
    这是一个新的参与机会:在教育政策小组(PEP)任职。完成的申请必须在 2022 年 11 月 15 日之前通过电子邮件发送给。候选人必须至少有一名孩子目前在纽约市的公立非特许学校就读;此外,他们必须居住在他们寻求代表的行政区。
    到 2023 年,PEP 的成员将扩大到 23 名成员:13 名市长任命者、5 名自治市镇主席任命者和 5 名家长(每个行政区一名)。 这 5 名家长将在 12 月 20 日之前由 CEC 主席选举产生,任期从 1 月 15 日开始,到 2023 年 6 月 30 日结束。
    PS 116 Elizabeth L. Farrell
  • November Parent Calendar

    PS 116 Elizabeth L. Farrell
  • Family Theme Night

    Read Aloud!, Video, Dance Workshop, Refreshments
    *Plus a special gift for each family attending!

    October 27th, 5:00pm-6:30pm
    P.S. 116's Gymatorium

    Please make sure you bring ID and vaccination card to enter building.

    PS 116 Elizabeth L. Farrell
  • SBST Newsletter

    Our therapists and school-based support team have published their first newsletter!  It contains advice on how to help your child grow physically and mentally.

    PS 116 Elizabeth L. Farrell
  • Breakfast With The Principal

    Make every day count so you can have breakfast with Ms. Garzon!!!


    PS 116 Elizabeth L. Farrell

    PS116K welcomes Ms. Amezquita, our new bilingual school counselor.  If you need to speak to her concerning your child's needs her extension is 4061 and her email is

    PS 116 Elizabeth L. Farrell
  • Resources for Mental Health

    Our psychologist has shared resources to help parents teach their kid's critical mental health and coping skills.  

    The California Healthy Minds, Thriving Kids Project

    Manhattan Psychology Group

    PS 116 Elizabeth L. Farrell
  • Updated COVID Policy Family Letter

    Please see the updated Covid Policy letter from Chancellor David Banks.  It includes information on the new testing and quarantine policies.

    PS 116 Elizabeth L. Farrell
  • Attendance Policy

    Every Student, Every Day Attendance Policy and Plan

    Linked is our School's Attendance Policy!!

    PS 116 Elizabeth L. Farrell
  • Virtual Activities for All Students

    Growing up NYC is now offering free virtual programs to all NYC students. Topics include learning, fitness, arts and more. Caregivers and parents are also welcomed to attend the events. Click here to find out more!

    PS 116 Elizabeth L. Farrell
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